The Ide(a)s of March

Thanks to a kick in the ass from my buddy Chris Shiflett, I will be blogging more in March (and likely beyond). He brings up great points about how the shift in social interaction (through outlets like Twitter) has had a detrimental effect on blogs. Case in point: for those who have been in my Technical Writing 101 talks at various conferences, you know I'm a huge proponent of taking the time to share your knowledge with the world. And yet the last time I blogged was back in July of 2010. Shameful!

Blogs do have an important place on the web.

  • They allow you to express yourself in >140 chars.
  • They act as an archive for useful information for yourself and others.
  • They spur conversation that can be followed by an infinite subset.
  • They force us as writers to actually think about what we're writing, making us all better communicators.

Unlike writing a tweet, or changing your status on Facebook, writing a blog post takes time. But it's time well spent, and I highly encourage you all to take part in the Ideas of March.

Only you can share what you know, and it's your obligation to share that with the world. Don't take that shit to the grave!

If you want some tips on writing, or where to get ideas for blog posts, check out the slides from my Technical Writing 101 talk. In fact, I smell a blog post about this coming on.

Don't worry, I won't be giving up microblogging altogether; you can still see me on and Twitter (for now). After all, I do still need a place to tell you guys that I'm drinking a really great beer or that I'm pissed off that it's snowing in March.

Now, stop reading and start blogging!

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