Camping at PHP Appalachia

People have been asking me about the camping arrangements for PHP Appalachia, so here's the deal, if you're interested.

In order for us to formally reserve camp sites or cabins, we would have to provide upfront the full deposit on the cabins and one night's fee for the tent sites. Not only do we not have the cash to front that, quite honestly I'm not sure how many of our attendees will want to camp versus making other arrangements (how many people can think that far ahead? :) )... thus making it difficult to reserve anything formally at this time.

However, what we've worked out with the Pigeon Forge KOA is that you can call and make your own reservations for whatever you want (camp site versus tent site) and mention that you're with the PHP Appalachia group. They'll do their best to keep us all together as a group.

Although they're completely open right now, the sooner you make arrangements, the better chances you have of getting a reservation and being put with the rest of the group.

To make your reservation, you can call the Pigeon Forge KOA at (800) 562-7703. Incidentally, at the moment, if you try and reserve online it erroneously says that they're all booked up, so you'll have to call.

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